TechEd 2010 flight

Only 24 hours to go when I board the plane to make the annual trip for TechEd.  This is not a vacation for me at all and I’m going with the intent to work and learn as much as I can to augment my knowledge.  With that said, I’ve signed up for as many technical sessions and hand-ons labs that I can cram in.  Prometric will also have a testing facility set up on site for the whole week and all exams are 50% off!  There are a couple that I want to take during my time (i.e. Windows 7 and Hyper-V) at the conference and at that price, there’s really no excuse or reason why not to.  If you’re involved with SQL in any capacity, this is your year to go.  The session catalog is completely stacked with all things SQL-related.  I can remember back in 2008 when the focus of the conference was Server 2008, talk about being in heaven and not wanting to leave.
Geek is as geek does.

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