Iron Maiden live!

Okay, so I’m a little late in posting this entry where Iron Maiden played at the Cynthia Mitchell Woodlands Pavillion back on June 11th, 2010.  I missed them the last time they visited our fair city when they were on the "Somewhere back in time" 2008 world tour.  (And yes I’m still kicking myself for that […]

Back from TechEd 2010

I just returned home from TechEd last Friday and looking back on things I have to say that the overall experience was wonderful.  It’s kind of hard to try and explain it to someone who has never been before, but simply stated it’s an opportunity where you get to listen to industry experts (i.e. Mark Minasi, Mark Russonovich to […]

TechEd 2010 flight

Only 24 hours to go when I board the plane to make the annual trip for TechEd.  This is not a vacation for me at all and I’m going with the intent to work and learn as much as I can to augment my knowledge.  With that said, I’ve signed up for as many technical sessions […]