Automating Azure App Service Restarts

As the number of resources deployed into our Greenfield Azure tenant continues to rapidly grow, we always strive to be automated as much as possible. One question that kept coming up from developers was the topic of management like restarting app services. Back in the Brownfield days (or as I like to affectionately call it […]

Automating DR using PowerShell and Azure DevOps pipelines

We recently started a project to set up automated deployments of Azure resources using Azure DevOps pipelines. The first service we folded into ADO was an extremely high profile one for the business. It’s used by all the employees and contractors for capturing project capitalization and expense hours by asset and resource. After having successfully […]

Reporting on untagged resources

Update 4/7/2020: To align with best practices, I’m looking into the possibility of adding support for grabbing secret information from an Azure KeyVault as opposed to having it stored directly in the script. Welcome to my first Azure post!  Within a few weeks at the new job, I was asked by management if it was […]

Starting a new journey

After having spent the last 15 years focused on Windows Server Active Directory and all the supporting technologies, I’m happy to say I started my DevOps journey in August of 2019.  Within the last 6 months I’ve learned quite a bit working with developers, and the interaction with fellow teammates has been stellar.  Without them […]